What do you do when you realize you’re turning 25 in a year? One girl going through a quarter life crisis found herself wanting more out of the day-to-day mundane aspects of life. She wanted to look back and remember the special moments life had to offer, try things she’s never done before, and become a better person. For her 24th year of life she gave herself 52 challenges to complete once a week before she turns 25.

People have been seeking life enhancement since the beginning of time. There are self help books, men and women who give guidance on life and even people who pay extreme amounts of money in order to try and feel fulfilled. It is the topic of many books, songs, movies and TV shows. But what exactly are people searching for and why has it cause people distress for so long?

People approach life very differently; some use the term YOLO (You only live once) to get away with doing daring things, while others live in a shell, scared of getting hurt. In this age of constant communication, comparison and envy are wild beasts seeking to bring down those who don’t know what their life is or means. Kailey is 24 and by many standards accomplished a lot in her life, but there are still things she wants to do and levels of greatness she wants to achieve.

Over the next year she will challenge herself to be a better person. She made 52 goals she wanted to achieve by the time she was 25 (there just so happen to be 52 weeks in a year) and she will tackle one goal a week. Will she succeed in living her 24th year to the fullest? Will she complete all the challenges in a whole year? Will she fall in to her old habits and routines? What lessons will she learn and will she become a better person?

 Questions For Kailey

Why are you doing this experiment?

As I was nearing my 24h birthday I was dramatically less excited about it than I normally am about birthdays (I think they are a big freaking deal), and I questioned why. What was happening was that 24 seemed way too close to 25 and by that time (Quarter of a century) I felt like I should have done certain things. Let’s be real there are certain things that just aren’t cool after a certain age. This experiment is to help me this next year achieve my goals before I reach 25, while also helping me be the best person I can be day to day and produce good habits for the future.

Are you happy with your life?

Very, this experiment has nothing to do with how happy I am. I just don’t want to look back and wish I did more. Why not do more now. Here’s to being happy!!

Is there anything else you want out of life?

I want to live to experience all I can. Many people are alive, but few actually live.

What do you think will be different about this year by doing the experiment?

What will be different is that I won’t stop, I have a year to do things I have stopped doing after a few weeks. I like challenges so putting this in the form of a test for myself will help me to do all the things I planned out.

Why this year?

Why not this year! Why not start today on the rest of your life. This year is about living to the fullest so why would I wait. Plus 25….

So what’s after this?

After this I hope to keep yearly goals and work on achieving them. I never want to stop exploring learning and growing.

What do your family and friends think of the challenge?

A lot of them are very excited for me. I think a few are skeptical as to if I can do it or not, but I know they will support me either way!

How do you want to grow?

I want to be a better more caring and thoughtful person. I want to be stronger and have thicker skin. I want to be a person who makes goals and fulfills them.

Have you done anything bucket list worthy in life up to this point?

Lots of things! I’ve done some really cool and fun things that I will be reminiscing about in my journal on here! Check it out!

Are you excited about this experiment?

I am so excited! Today is the first day of the rest of my life!