The List

Daily Tasks

Be active (30 minutes a day at least 5 times a week)

The American Heart Association recommends at least this much activity. It’s not hard to get around and move.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily (even if its right before bed)

Our water is clean and free. It has amazing effects on our body.

Floss daily

So much of our health depends on the health of our mouth. Flossing takes a bit of time, but it’s worth the results.

Weekly Tasks

Send one letter a week

Letters are a thing of the past in today’s society. I love receiving letters and so I’m sure others do as well. It’s a fun and easy way to brighten someone’s day.

Read one book a week

Books make you smarter, period.

Do something to better my career every week

We should always be bettering ourselves.

Go out of my way to do something for someone else at least once a week

Doing nice things makes you happy and it makes someone else happy. Most of the time it’s small things that make people’s day.

Learn a new word every week and start using it

The way someone speaks says a lot about that person.

Weekly Goals

Learn to let go

Whether it’s a relationship, a negative thought or a hurt there are things we all need to learn to let go of. I’m not the best at this and need to learn to deal with the reality of some situations.

Find a worthy cause and help it

The wealthiest 5% of the world consume over 86% of the world’s resources. People need help in America and in other countries.

Run a half marathon (or at least be able to)

I think running says a lot about a person and their self-discipline. I want to be able to run for 13.1 miles without even wanting to stop.

Take a spontaneous trip

Spontaneity is the spice of life, and in a life run by schedules there is too little of it.

Be able to explain to people why I believe the things I do

I know what I believe and I know why, but I’m not always the best at communicating that to others.

Be a better listener

Sometimes people just need an ear to listen and a heart to be open.

Know when to let others take the lead

I am a leader, but part of being a good leader is knowing when to let others step up.

Learn that just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean it needs to be shared

I know what I think and am not scared to share an opinion, but my advice isn’t always needed.

Stop locking keys in my car (seriously, it’s a problem)

It’s about being responsible and not making careless mistakes.

Tell the people I care about why I care about them

I often think my loved ones know they are loved, but a reminder is always nice.

Get a passport and leave the country

I have never done this. Enough said.

Buy something expensive and use it

Buying things is an investment, I want to make a wise investment and use it to the max.

Learn how to Tango (and find someone to do it with)

Who wouldn’t want to whip out some dance moves when the opportunity arose.

Cook something with out a recipe

My family is made of amazing cooks who just know what would be good together. I want to be able to make something creative that is all my own.

Make home made dough

It’s not easy, but it will be worth it. I Knead you.

Sit and stand up straight

Changing your posture can change the way you look and feel. Goodbye back pains.

Give more compliments out

If I think something nice in my head, why not say it. Compliments are nice and they make people feel good.

Don’t base decisions on how I feel

I have a lot of feelings. I don’t want them to rule my world.

Get a credit card (pay it off every month)

I don’t own one, and it’s an easy way to get traveling points.

Eat more fruits, nuts, and veggies

Back to the basics, more of this.

Learn how to French braid

Because I still don’t know how, and I love braids.

Go at least 24 hour hours with out and media or electronics

I don’t need to see what Emma Stone just tweeted. I can live without for 24 hours.

Thank my parents more

They sacrificed their whole lives for me and my brothers. And I am no where near thankful enough for that.

Be more appreciative

Telling people thank you is an easy thing to do, they went out of their way for you. You can do the same.

Do something that is totally for me

It’s okay to splurge. In the words of Tom from Parks and Rec Treat-Yo-Self!

Learn to love change

I can take change hard, but often times change is for the best.

Make my own hummus

I love hummus, but it is really pricy. It is easy to make and a lot cheaper.

Stop being afraid of serial killers (I know another problem)

This one is more about not letting my mind get the best of me.

Get a library card

Free books. Enough said.

Go skydiving

I’ve wanted to do this since I was 18.

Paint something on a canvas (that looks decent)

Can’t never could till he tried, or something like that.

Go paddle boarding

Seems awesome. I wanna go!!

Learn to take care of something else aside from myself

Being an adult means taking responsibility. Taking responsibility of something else is like the supreme adult thing.

Stop saying like

It. Is. An. Issue. It sounds stupid and I’m not stupid so it needs to stop.

Read the whole bible

All of it. Even the crazy names.

Invest in something

Do my research and put money in to something I think may grow and see how it turns out.

See a NBA game live

I love sports, never been to an NBA game. It needs to change.

Be a member in the audience of a TV show

I want to have my own TV show one day, so I should scope out the competition right?

Go on a blind date

I feel like this is a thing of the past, but I wanna try it out.

Save at least $10 a week for a special fund

Then do something cool with it.

Find a cool hobby

Dancing, crafting, something else? We will see!

Hold myself accountable to my goals

Someone has to do it.

Learn what my style is

What would I describe my style as? Figure it out!!

Write a song or poem and show it to someone

I won a poetry contest when I was little once, maybe I can do it again.

Learn to sew and sew something I will wear

It doesn’t have to be a shirt or something crazy, but it has to be something.

Keep my bedroom clean and my bed made (seriously how hard is it to make a bed)

Seriously how hard is it to make a bed, this goes for my car as well.

Be an early to rise person

I get more done in the mornings and nothing good happens after midnight. Well mostly.

Do the whole 30 or some other 30 day health challenge

I love challenging my will and my body.

Learn to surf

I’m from Florida I should know how to do this.

Take at least one class a month

I never want to stop learning.

Make my own beer or wine and enjoy it

Because, well…why not?

Shotgun a beer

Never done it and you probably look a lot less cool doing it after 25.